“Belief is half of all healing- belief in the cure, belief in the future that awaits.” ~Patrick Ness

A health and wellness professional since 2005, Drew personally understands the challenges that come from battling a significant health issue. Diagnosed with what he was told was an incurable autoimmune condition in his mid-20s, Drew’s faith led him explore holistic, integrative and evidence-based interventions and lifestyle changes to find a solution. After only a few months of implementing some new-found strategies, Drew’s health dramatically improved!

His experience was so profound that he ended up shifting career paths- from clinical counseling to holistic health and functional fitness. For the last 12 years Drew has served his health coaching, nutrition coaching and personal training clients by combining a passion for all things health-related with a sincere desire to help all people overcome whatever health challenge stands in their way.

A relentless researcher and writer, Drew published his first book in 2018. In 2019 he published The Dreiling Health Resource, 2nd Edition, a 400+ page compendium of essential, easy-to-understand, life-changing health information (now available online through Amazon).

In late 2018 Drew launched his very own business! Agape Health Solution LLC provides private one-on-one and group health & nutrition coaching and personal training services to both local and remote clients. In the fall of 2019 Drew launched Agape Health University, an online platform providing high-quality health courses designed to give online learners the information and tools needed to take control of their health.

Drew's athletic, educational and professional background includes...

* College Athlete, NCAA Division II (Basketball), 2001-04
* Member, Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society, 2003-04

* Bachelor of Science, Double Major in Psychology & Sociology, 2004

* Master's Work in Clinical Counseling (The Citadel), 2007

* Child & Adolescent Therapist, Med. Univ. of SC (STAR & IMPACT), 2007-08

* Certified Health Coach, Biblical Health Institute (BHI), 2010  

* Certified Personal Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE), 2011

* Certified Functional Fitness Trainer, Technogym Kinesis, 2011 

* Personal Training Manager, Fitness Together (Kansas City), 2012 

* Nutritionist & Office Manager, San Diego Center for Integrative Med., 2013-14

* Manager, Fitness First USA Nutritional Supplements, 2017-18

When he is not working, Drew enjoys spending time with his church family, walking on his hands, playing tennis & volleyball, walking on the beach and in the woods, eating delicious (and gluten-free) health food, drinking matcha lattes, and singing and dancing (the latter two quite poorly).

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