Nutrition Coaching

"Let food be thy medicine..." ~Hippocrates (460-370 BC) 

"Food is medicine. We can actually change our gene expressions with the foods we eat." ~Dr. David Perlmutter, M.D.

Our nutrition coaching service is geared toward the individual who wants to focus on nutrition. This service is especially helpful for individuals who are dealing with specific digestive system challenges (whether gastric/stomach, intestinal, hepatic/liver, renal/kidney and/or pancreatic in nature), as well as those wanting to lose excess weight, reduce systemic inflammation and improve overall health. 



As ​with all of our services, we start with the completion of a comprehensive (i.e. holistic) health assessment. Our proprietary assessment tool aims to provide coach and client with a clear view of the client's physical condition(13 body systems examined, along with 4 related areas) and "health impact areas" (16 areas examined, including inherited genetics, past trauma/injury/illness, past health habits, and current practices in areas like sleep, exercise, physical activity, nutrition [beverages, supplements, food], hygiene & body care, stress & stress management, environmental health and other areas). With nutrition coaching there is a special emphasis on examining the condition of the digestive and renal systems, as well as with the client's nutritional habits.  

Our assessment tool, coupled with the professional competence of our staff, help solve a common problem with the American healthcare experience. Many healthcare professionals (as incredulous as it sounds) don't have an understanding of... 

  1. how interrelated the body's systems are

  2. the various areas that significantly influence physical health and

  3. what practices, habits and interventions are most helpful (and most harmful) to health and wellness.  



Completing a proper holistic health assessment while working with a knowledgeable health professional is step #1 to truly improving and optimizing your health. Step #2 is using the results from that assessment to create an effective, personalized, simple and actionable nutritional plan. Just as a contractor doesn't build a house without an effective blueprint designed for that particular lot, we work with our nutrition coaching clients to create a "nutritional health blueprint" designed for the most valuable house of all- their physical body.  

In the spirit of simplicity and priority we normally emphasize 2-3 nutritional habits or interventions (i.e. "the short list") that will have the most positive health impact for the client. And in the spirit of holistic and comprehensive we also identify 7-12 nutrition habits or interventions (i.e. "the longer list") that will also have a significantly positive health impact. Pertinent nutritional resources are then covered (and personalized if need be), so that the client has the nutrition plan and tools needed to begin to overcome challenges and progress toward their health goals!


On-going nutrition coaching (including sessions, check-ins and email/text support) builds off of the nutrition plan foundation, and provides the client with the on-going guidance, support, resources and accountability needed to continue to make dynamic progress. 



The main difference with our nutrition service as compared to our other services (holistic health coaching, personal training and assisted stretching) is the area that's emphasized in the personalized nutrition plan and nutrition resources, as well as the area of focus during scheduled sessions, mid-week check-ins and through email support. While many factors other than nutrition can and do affect the condition of the digestive and renal systems (and the whole body), with our nutrition coaching service the primary focus is on... nutrition of course!


  • What's your general dietary approach? We are firm believers in the many benefits of a hypo-allergenic, anti-inflammatory, micronutrient-dense, easily-digestible nutritional approach, and help unpack that with our coaching clients.   

  • Do you work with clients who have specific food allergies? Our hypo-allergenic nutritional approach includes creating dietary plans that leave out common offenders like gluten/wheat, soy, peanuts (and tree nuts if needed), lactose (and all dairy if needed) and cane sugar, as well as any other identified food allergies.

  • Do you work with clients who want to take a specific dietary approach? While there are certain nutritional principles we're firm on (for example, the value of certain supplements, a hypo-allergenic diet, balancing macros, portion control, etc.), there are others we're more flexible on. The latter includes working with clients who want to hold to specific dietary approaches, including Paleo and vegan diets (although we do think long-term veganism can present some unique challenges). 

  • Do you do anything with nutritional supplements? We work with our clients to create a safe, effective, personalized, dose-specific nutritional supplement plan that takes their preferences (Capsule or Powder? Chewable or Liquid?) and budget into consideration.

  • Do you provide guidelines/targets for "macros"? We cover the importance of balancing macros (water, fiber, protein, fats and carbs/net carbs) and work with our clients to create personalized daily macronutrient guidelines to help them in their efforts to overcome their health challenges and accomplish their health-related goals. For some this includes considering a ketogenic dietary approach (i.e. "keto"). 

  • Do you cover portion control? We also cover portion control in a way that absolutely simplifies portion control efforts (in other words, no tedious food measuring, making fists, etc.).

  • Do you cover how many meals/snacks a day I should eat? Meal timing? Intermittent fasting? We cover these kinds of questions, and look at strategies like time-restricted eating (intermittent fasting), meal frequency, meal timing/spacing and other related topics. 

  • You mentioned a "nutrition plan"? What does that mean exactly? This step involves taking the above and implementing it into an achievable daily nutritional plan that leads to incredible results! This includes the creation of daily meal plans, recipe ideas, the option of healthy prepared meal services, and strategies for eating out (and staying on track!). What's the end goal here? In 4 words- healthy, tasty, convenient, affordable. 

  • How do you know if coaching clients are making progress? We're big believers in helping our clients feel better (i.e. reducing pain levels & increasing energy levels) and experience objective, quantifiable physical results (i.e. making significant progress toward a healthy body fat percentage, healthy hip/waist/chest ratios, and a healthy weight). Part of the way we make sure we're accomplishing these goals is by tracking them with our clients.   

  • Do coaching clients have to track anything? Do you use an app (or apps)? We also help clients in their selection of apps and other software and hardware that can help with nutritional planning and tracking... because it's hard to manage what you don't measure! 

We truly believe our nutrition coaching service is SECOND TO NONE! As you can see, we strive to offer a truly comprehensive nutrition coaching service that leaves no stone unturned. Our goal here is the same as with all our services- that our clients would have an amazing experience working with us, get great results AND learn what's needed to continue to make progress in the months and years ahead!


Thousands of people all over the world have taken this kind of approach, partnering with caring and knowledgeable professionals to meet (and exceed) their health goals, overcome a variety of health challenges, AND get the tools needed to continue making health progress in the months and years ahead! If you'd like to get started, or even if you have more questions, click here to schedule a 10-15 minute phone consult or feel free to email us ( or give us a call (843.324.1092). 

New Client:1 Month Package

Best for individuals who want to focus on nutritional interventions to improve their health

  • 1 month (30 days) of nutrition coaching

  • Initial 50-minute session includes review of comprehensive health assessment and personalized nutrition plan

  • 5 additional 25-minute nutrition coaching sessions

  • 30 days of email/text support

  • Service occurs remotely (in-person coaching is available to clients in Charleston, SC area)​​


Return Client: 1 Month Package*

Extend your nutrition coaching experience!

  • 1 additional month (30 days) of nutrition coaching

  • 4 additional 25-minute nutrition coaching sessions 

  • 30 days of email/text support

  • Service occurs remotely (in-person coaching is available to clients in Charleston, SC area)​​


* Only available to clients who have previously completed a health assessment & planning session

1-Time Health Assessment + Personalized Nutrition Plan*

A great way for individuals with significant financial limitations to improve their health by means of a comprehensive, personalized nutrition plan!

  • Initial 50-minute session includes review of comprehensive health assessment, customized nutrition plan & nutritional resources

  • Service occurs remotely (in-person coaching is available to clients in the Charleston, SC area)​​


* May only be purchased one time per client


Nutrition Coaching Session*

Individual session that can be added to an existing package or on an as-needed basis. 

  • 1 additional 25-minute coaching session 

  • Service occurs remotely (in-person coaching is available to clients in Charleston, SC area)​​


* Only available to clients who have completed a health assessment & planning session