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The Preferred Products section contains information on... well, some of my preferred health products of course! This section may also contain links (some affiliate links, some not), so you can easily peruse or purchase the product that piques your particular interest. Check out the drop down selections under the Preferred Products tab to help you find what you're looking for. While all of the sections listed below may not be "live" just yet, if you've purchased my book, you already have a large compendium of some of my favorite, preferred health products.

I generally organize health products into the following categories... 

* Assessment Tools (ex. lab tests, home health tests, etc.) 

* Sleep (ex. mattresses, pillows, etc.) 

* Exercise & Physical Activity (ex. shoes, fitness equipment, standing desks, etc.) 

* Nutrition- Supplements 

* Nutrition- Beverages & Foods (including prepared meal services) 

* Hygiene & Body Care (ex. shower head filters, soaps, shampoos, essential oils, etc.)