"Plans succeed through good counsel..." ~Proverbs 20:18

We offer 2 distinct services: holistic health & nutrition counseling and personal training

While each service is unique (just as each client is unique), our overarching goals with all of the services we offer remain the same...

1. Provide an exceptional client experience

2. Deliver exceptional client results and

3. Equip each client with the necessary health tools to continue making progress with their health after they've finished working with us.

We strive to accomplish these goals by treating every client with the highest levels of professionalism and care. We are committed to providing our clients with the guidance, tools, support, encouragement, motivation and accountability needed to help them dramatically improve their health and move toward optimal wellness.

Regardless of the service, we have all of our clients first complete a comprehensive health assessment, which allows us to carefully review the details of their specific health situation (including primary health goals, current physical condition, past health history and current health habits) before working with them to create a personalized, prioritized, evidence-based, highly-actionable, effective and modifiable health plan. Just as a house isn't built without first creating a blueprint, a health plan like this serves as our blueprint while we work to improve the condition of the most important house of all- the human body.  

In addition to scheduled sessions and check-ins, we also make it a point to be available and easily accessible to all of our clients. We believe in values like transparency, mutual respect and immediacy, and while efforts to improve health are not always convenient, we try to make working with us (and improving your health) as convenient as possible!